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    • 26TH NOVEMBER 2017
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    Introducing EMDEX MedChecker: Medicines Interactions Checker

    We have successfully developed a software program for monitoring/analyzing these Drug-Drug & Drug-Herb Interactions. And we are on course to incorporate the MedChecker® into EMDEX 2018. See the sample Amiodarone Interaction monograph below. AMIODARONE / AZITHROMYCIN Interaction Monograph Object drug Amiodarone Precipitant Azithromycin Severity Severe Mechanism Azithromycin may enhance the QTc-prolonging effect of Amiodarone. Effects

    • 3RD NOVEMBER 2017
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    Pharmacists are Gathering in Nigeria for the 90th Annual National Conference of PSN, Starting November 6, 2017

    Nigeria still imports over 80% of her medicines and this is causing a lot of discontent especially amongst the nation’s pharmacists. The theme of this year’s conference aptly describes this poor pharmaceutical state of affairs as well as its security implications for the country – Medicines Availability and National Security. The Society is leading the

    • 2ND NOVEMBER 2017
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    Pemason Pharma Sponsors EMDEX 2018: A new funding initiative to boost the drug information updates

    Publication of drug information is a costly operation, made more challenging in a harsh economic and resource-limited setting like the sub-Saharan Africa. To sustain its yearly updates and digitize the print editions, EMDEX needed a lifeline in form of sponsorship. Pemason, Nigeria’s leading pharmaceutical firm, promptly said yes to the initiative. The outcome is the

    • 30TH OCTOBER 2017
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    EMDEX 2018-2019 Edition: Enlistment Now Open

    EMDEX 360… unparalleled coverage for your company & products Connect with your healthcare clients directly and on multiple platforms, both within and outside Nigeria: EMDEX Book Prints, actively distributed throughout Nigeria and some of the sub-region, more than 200,000 copies in circulation EMDEX Mobile Book-App, over 45,000 downloads on Google Play & App Store. Expected to exceed 100,000 users

    • 26TH OCTOBER 2017
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    EMDEX 2018-2019 Edition: Rate Card & Order Form

    Please, Call or SMS to confirm the availability of the Ad spaces before completing the Order Form below: Nelo 0802.306.0065 | Nefi 0806.882.0341 | Chijioke 0809.737.4581 | Fatimah 0802.717.5953    2018 Rate Card 2018 Order Form Completed Order Form should be returned to your EMDEX Client Specialist or email: EMDEX@EmdexOnline.com

    • 9TH OCTOBER 2017
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    EMDEX 2017 Book-App Now Available on MedHand App Store

    EMDEX 2017 Book-App, with Enhanced Navigation & Search, is now released on MedHand App Store (Click to access the store) This is the ad-free, subscription version. The ad-containing, free edition will be available later in November on Google Play and App Store. EMDEX Drug Information App is the digital tool of choice for every healthcare

    • 26TH JUNE 2017
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    EMDEX 2017-2018 Edition Now Available!

    And for a limited time, buy one and get one EMDEX App Token FREE Quick & easy access to the entire contents of EMDEX Print in up to 5 devices And lots more

    • 22ND APRIL 2017
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    FDA Issues Strongest Warnings on Codeine & Tramadol Labels

    In the Coming EMDEX 2017… FDA Issues Strongest Warnings on Codeine & Tramadol Labels Click here for Latest Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Drug Safety Communication: April 20, 2017 FDA now restricts the use of prescription Codeine Pain & Cough medicines and Tramadol Pain medicines in children; recommends against use in breastfeeding women. Highlights of

    • 11TH APRIL 2017
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    Management of Gout & Hyperuricemia

    In the coming EMDEX 2017… Management of Gout & Hyperuricemia Excerpts from Clinical Practice Guidelines by ACR (American College of Rheumatology) and EULAR (European League Against Rheumatism) Key points:

    • 5TH APRIL 2017
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    FORGETFULNESS: When is it Normal or Not?

    Mild forgetfulness is considered a normal part of ageing – forgetting your car keys, glasses, important dates, etc. Forgetfulness can also be early signs of serious memory problems like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Where is the line? When are we supposed to be concerned? Normal forgetfulness or serious memory problems?