Publication of drug information is a costly operation, made more challenging in a harsh economic and resource-limited setting like the sub-Saharan Africa. To sustain its yearly updates and digitize the print editions, EMDEX needed a lifeline in form of sponsorship. Pemason, Nigeria’s leading pharmaceutical firm, promptly said yes to the initiative. The outcome is the onset of a unique partnership that can potentially change the face of healthcare in the region.

LAGOS, Nigeria, November 1, 2017 – (PressReleasePoint) – EMDEX Limited is pleased to announce the Corporate Sponsor for EMDEX 2018-2019 Edition – PEMASON PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED. Pemason has an extensive portfolio of medicines covering every major indication area such as Micropirin, Pemametre and Betaren.

Under this new funding arrangement, Pemason Pharma is providing the much-needed funds to help with EMDEX Drug Information updates and the ongoing development of the digital editions. In return, Pemason will benefit from increased visibility of their brands under special promotional arrangement on all EMDEX platforms namely the Print, Online & Mobile.

What does this mean for the healthcare?

“A lot. It is a win-win situation for all parties. Access to quality drug information for healthcare professionals will translate to better therapeutic decisions and positive drug therapy outcomes for the patient”, said Chris C. Obi, Founder of EMDEX. “By committing more funds to EMDEX work, Pemason Pharma is demonstrating their leadership in both quality medicines and patient care. And our expectation is that other companies will see this as an opportunity to make a difference”

“The strength of Pemason Pharmaceuticals Ltd lies in the quality of our products and the horizontal management structure that allows for free flow of information as well as input from every staff”, said Pharm. Patrick O. Osele, CEO of Pemason, in a statement released by the company. “Our goal is to make the patient the centre-point of healthcare delivery system while making a name with quality”

EMDEX 2018 will be focusing on Drug Safety with extended coverage of Parameters for Monitoring & Patient Education. Interaction Checker is another ongoing project that will benefit from this funding agreement.

EMDEX (Essential Medicines Index) is a reference source of drug and therapeutic information used by healthcare professionals in Nigeria and the sub-region, published since 1991. Based on both the WHO Model Formulary and Nigeria’s Essential Drugs List, EMDEX is unique to Nigeria as it also details mainly the pharmaceuticals and allied products approved for use in the country.

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